The Valade Group

  • About us

    Selecting and transforming the best fruit to enhance the flavor, developing our recipes with respect for our culinary tradition to create a product with perfect texture and taste… Since the very beginning, this has been Valade Group’s expertise and commitment.

    With this important legacy of excellence and daring, every day our Group of companies makes every effort to ensure that its 600 products reflect this requirement for quality, always focused on its customers and consumers.

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    Our origins, our history

    The Group’s story began in 1892.
It was the year that Léonce Blanc and his wife Léontine founded Etablissements Blanc in Lubersac, Corrèze. This is located in the South-West of France, about 2 hours East of Bordeaux.

    Léonce Blanc’s major innovation was to mechanize fruit processing to meet new requirements in terms of preservation and consumption. 
The techniques developed over the years contributed to the rise of fruit-based products in a country that was discovering the new concept of mass consumption. 
A flavor experimenter and an incredibly creative man, Léonce Blanc pursued his objective to process carefully selected fruit from local orchards (apples, chestnuts, plums, cherries, etc.) and enhance the quality.

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    During the 1930s, Établissements Blanc became a key player in the food service market thanks to innovations that have made their mark in modern food history. Faithful to the founder’s spirit, the company created the 100g plastic apple-sauce portion which became a standard in the food service segment and in mass retail.


    Valade, a company based in Tulle and specializing in preserves and jellies since 1932, joined Établissements Blanc in Lubersac in the 1970s. This generated a new momentum which boosted the company in the 1980s to join the main group of leading own-brand suppliers.

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    Growth and expertise

    Throughout the 2000s, Valade enjoyed a new momentum with the creation of the Group and 2 other companies which joined the Group.

    • Boschetti, specializing in fruit processing in Italy, located between Venice and Verona.
    • Caramanfruit, a key operator in fruit processing and freezing in the Drôme region, France.


    Today, the Valade Group is an established player in 3 areas:


    • Commercial catering and public catering,
    • Retail,
    • Pastry – Baking.


    3 areas in which the Group offers tailored solutions for its French and international customers in production, logistics, regulatory and commercial management. 
In parallel to these customized solutions, the Group provides expertise in its own heritage brands, testimony to its daring approach and passion for fruits and their qualities: Valade en Corrèze, Léonce Blanc, Boschetti, Valblan.

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    Our values

    The Valade Group defends the values of quality, commitment and authenticity borne by the land where it was founded.

    A permanent quality project

    The Group applies the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) method.
It has been IFS certified (International Food Standards) for many years with 95% compliance to the standards since 2009.


    Historic expertise, proof of authenticity and excellence

    Selecting the best fruit and creating the best recipes has guaranteed the success of the Valade Group’s products since 1892, respecting the company’s original know-how and the high standards of its founder. 
Since the company’s beginnings, all recipes are developed, tested and improved until the perfect flavor and texture are achieved. At Valade, this expertise is still passed on from one generation to the next, to preserve the group’s authentic spirit and excellence.


    A human and responsible company

    Heir to the values of its founder, the Valade Group is also deeply attached to the values of its original land:


    • Support and promotion of local terroirs. The Group is today the primary business operator and employer in its original village of Lubersac and local area.
    • Respect for people. Valade is a committed endorser of the Diversity Charter and has been since 2008.
    • Responsibility for the future and for future generations. The Group has been involved in projects to preserve the environment for many years.

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